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Do you have experience?

Yes many years experience of photography and video and 10 years full time experience as a full time Wedding Photographer & Videographer.

Note, a wedding photographer / videographer has to be fully aware of the format of the wedding day in order to be positioned well advance of each sequence of the wedding and remain as low profile and discrete as possible.

What Camera photographic & Video equipment do you use?
Nikon D3 SLR camera and Nikon lenses, and Canon High Definition professional broadcast three-chip digital video cameras - producing superb quality and sound rendition.

These are fully portable to capture those spontaneous moments. During the Church Service and Reception the practice is changed to use Tripods to provide maximum stability and for close up, panning and zoom sequences.

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What About Lighting? - Additional lighting is not usually required as these are professional SLR's with flash and video cameras will work with low light recording capability. Should some additional lighting be required we always carry additional small and unobtrusive LED lighting ranging from video camera mounted lights to small tripod mounted lighting.

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How are the wedding videos edited?
As your wedding is filmed using broadcast quality digital media we can edit using the latest computer software Adobe Premiere Pro to produce results that compare with television quality subtitle, music, and effects to match. We can add your favorite music and photos, or old video footage from your younger days! Your initial wedding video footage will be several hours long; depending on the days arrangements. After editing, your wedding DVD is edited and set up on your own Web Page as a short running web video 'best of the day montage' - ideal for showing to to friends. The other format is a full long feature 'Full days Wedding DVD Video' this one is for you and also ideal for giving to family members.

What formats can you produce a DVD wedding video in?
The wedding video is filmed in High Definition wide screen format 16.9 format - A standard DVDs is then mastered for home DVDs players. If you have a Blu-ray DVDs player then we can master a special blu-ray DVD as these will display 4 times more detail than standard DVDs in fabulous 1080 detail.

The Blu-ray process takes four times longer to make a master DVD so is an extra £29.98 to do the first blu-ray Master DVD - after that duplicate DVDs can be reproduced quickly and easily.

Please ask more about this if you would like full information on obtaining blu-ray DVDs.


JVC high definition pro broadcastvideo camera with tv lense

More Info on our Studio & Filming Equipment

After your wedding video has been edited it can be recorded on virtually any format you require: DVD, digital tape, VHS etc. If you need to send a copy to the USA or other country let us know and we can provide the correct format.

DVDs are provided with a professional Video Case complete with Art work design featuring the best wedding photo images taken direct from the film footage as a high quality still images. A tasteful art work design is also printed direct to the DVD disc (we do not use stick on labels!) .

We also have the capability to show sequences of your wedding on a web site link and can also produce slide shows either on disc or for viewing across the internet for your family and friends to see.

Will the cameraman get in the way?
During the Ceremony I adopt an unobtrusive style and take care at all times to remain in the background as required so as not to interrupt your wedding day.

Are we familiar with your wedding location?
I am familiar with many locations across Yorkshire and the UK for requirements filming / photographing in both Church and Civil Wedding Locations. If however, it is a new wedding location; I will make enquiries beforehand and arrive at the venue either the location the day prior (if a remote location) or an hour prior to the Wedding (if local Wedding) to ensure I take advantage of the best photographic / filming points.

Can we see a samples of your photography, Albums and Wedding DVDs?
We have examples of previous work on the web site and we can also invite you to our studio where we can show you samples and discuss your requirements further.

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More Info on our Studio & Filming Equipment



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